Your Choice, the Clear Choice: Sand Lake Imaging

Our team of doctors is here to help you. We want to provide you with not only the best care but also the best experience. Choose a clinic that cares, choose Sand Lake Imaging.

Know Your Options

Did you know that as a patient, you can choose where your doctor refers you for future treatment? Here at Sand Lake Imaging, we want you to know your options because many patients are unaware of this choice. Hospital systems are corporations looking to keep patients within their business. Doctor’s referrals are considered a vital source of revenue and in some cases, they are pressured to refer internally, which may not be your best fit. This is why it is vital that you understand your options. One option available to all patients is the option to be referred to an Independent facility, as they offer many benefits.

A Fair Price

One of the benefits that independent facilities offer is that they often cost much less than hospitals. Independent facilities have lower costs due to fewer administrative costs that hospitals must cover, so these charges tend to roll over to the patient’s bill. Hospitals also have the power to negotiate with insurance companies, attaining higher rates. Combined, these two added costs can nearly double the price of a procedure at a hospital. By choosing an independent facility, your insurance company will pay less, meaning lower premiums for you.

At Your Convenience

Independent facilities offer hours that cater to your life. Here at Sand Lake Imaging, we offer evening and Saturday appointments to make scheduling easier than ever. Our goal is to make your experience as worry-free as possible not only with schedules but also upon arrival. We have easy suburban commutes and no confusing parking ramps. Instead, you only have a quick walk from your parking space.

Specialization Means Personal Care

Independent facilities offer discipline-specific care, which means their physicians are experts in this area of medicine. At Sand Lake Imaging, we specialize in diagnostic radiology with a large focus on Women’s Imaging. Nationally accredited as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, we put a large focus on providing a variety of exams, including biopsies, MRIs, and mammograms. 3-D Hologic Digital Tomosyntheses, dubbed 3-D Mammography, is life-saving technology; it contributes to a much higher early detection rate with clearer images in a shorter procedure. We also provide Orlando’s best MRIs for breasts and three kinds of breast biopsies.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Our specialization is not our limit. For men and women alike, we provide many different screenings and procedures.
Some Procedures we perform include:

  • Interventional Radiology procedures including biopsies, anthograms, and aspirations.
  • Diagnostic Imaging scans like x-rays, 64-slice CT scans, and 3T MRIs.
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging, a screening option which uses trace amounts of radioactive material. These scans cover a wide range of procedures from a full skeletal scan to gastrointestinal (GI) scan.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality scan for your needs while ensuring your comfort and care during your visit. As an independent clinic, we are able to we provide care tailored to you with affordable prices and convenient hours. When it comes to your imaging needs, we hope you choose Sand Lake Imaging.

Next time you need a medical scan choose Sand Lake Imaging. Streamline Your Visit online at any of our three convenient locations. We are here to ease anxiety, so if you have any questions please call us at any of our locations.

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