Should I Worry About Breast Pain?

Breast pain is very common and is usually not because of breast cancer, especially without a lump.

It is not worrisome if the pain involves the whole breast. In one day, I may have 9 out of 10 patients complaining of breast pain. The cause is most often hormonal, usually worse before a period and improving after the onset of menses.  One of the biggest myths about breast health is that coffee will cause cysts, but caffeine and other stimulants such as coffee, tea, and chocolate may make breast pain worse.

Another cause of breast pain may be from an inflamed breast cyst, which can leak fluid into the breast and cause discomfort for about five days. This kind of pain typically resolves on its own.

Wearing a properly fitting bra is important for overall comfort. A well-fitting sports bra may be more comfortable and offer more support than an under-wire bra.

The important thing to remember if you have breast pain is – don’t panic. Generalized pain is quite common and not likely to be a problem. Focal pain without a lump is generally not concerning but if the pain persists, it is a good idea to have your physician check it out.