World Immunization Week

Every year we celebrate World Immunization Week the last week of April.

The theme this year is “Vaccines Bring Us Closer” and it seems fitting for the global pandemic we have been in for over the last year. The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and other partners around the world are uniting to

  • Increase trust and confidence in vaccines to maintain and/or increase vaccine acceptance
  • Increase investment in vaccines, including routine immunizations, to remove barriers to access

Routine vaccinations must not be missed while the world is focused on the critically important new vaccines to fight Covid-19. Many children and adults who need boosters have not been vaccinated with routine immunizations during the pandemic, leaving them at risk of serious diseases like measles and polio.

According to WHO “For over 200 years, vaccines have protected us against diseases that threaten lives and prohibit our development. With their help, we can progress without the burden of diseases like smallpox and polio, which cost humanity hundreds of millions of lives

Whilst vaccines aren’t a silver bullet, they will help us progress on a path to a world where we can be together again.

Vaccines themselves continue to advance, bringing us closer to a world free from the likes of TB and cervical cancer, and ending suffering from childhood diseases like measles.

Investment and new research is enabling groundbreaking approaches to vaccine development, which are changing the science of immunization forever, bringing us closer still to a healthier future.”

Watch the following videos to find out more about vaccines that save lives.

Please contact your local physician to discuss the immunizations your family needs.