Women’s Imaging Radiologist Joins Sand Lake Imaging Team

Sand Lake Imaging is proud to announce Dr. Lynda Frye has joined our team!

Dr. Lynda Frye is new to Sand Lake Imaging and the Orlando area though she is not new to breast imaging. Dr. Frye completed a residency in Radiology at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California. Following that, her breast imaging fellowship was at UCLA in Los Angeles California. Dr. Frye has more than 17 years of breast imaging experience. During her career, she built a state-of-the-art breast imaging center in Southern California before moving to Florida to be closer to her family.

Dr. Frye is passionate about what she does. She believes that it is an extreme honor and privilege to care for another person. Understanding that breast imaging is innately inherent with fear and anxiety she believes part of her role is to help her patients have peace. It is with her experience that even though an unfavorable diagnosis is given, she believes that knowledge is power and that there can be empowerment with understanding. Dr. Frye describes taking care of women who care for so many in their own lives as being incredibly rewarding with experiences that she describes as an incredible experience which she believes has made her into a better person.

When Dr. Frye is not at the office she enjoys spending time with her family. Her two children are in college in Florida and her home although would be considered an empty nest for her and her husband, she still has much to do taken care of her two big dogs, Abigail and Teddy.