Time is Ticking! Are You Mammogram Savvy?

What is clearly the difference about Sand Lake Imaging?

Sand Lake Imaging is the clear choice because:

  • Nationally accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence
  • Offers Genius 3-D Mammography
  • Our team of dedicated radiologists meet your needs and exceed your expectations
  • Evenings and Saturdays are also available to make it easier than ever to scheduled your mammogram

When is it time to schedule your annual mammogram?

  • A screening mammogram is recommended every year starting at age 40. Know what is normal for you by doing a self breast exam every month. Know your risk. Schedule your annual screening mammogram when due.

Where should you go so your mammogram is as clear as it can be?

Sand Lake Imaging features 3-D Hologic Digital Tomosyntheses providing:

  • 40% earlier breast cancer detection rate
  • 40% lower call back rates
  • Shorter compression times
  • Clear and accurate images

Only radiology centers with 3-D Hologic Digital Tomosynthesis can make this claim.

Why is it important to choose the right radiology center?

Breast cancer is a frightening disease. Early detection of breast cancer greatly improves the chances for a successful treatment. Methods for early detection of breast cancer include clinical examination by a healthcare professional, self breast exams, and mammography. At Sand Lake Imaging, we provide the highest quality digital imaging for a variety of breast-specific procedures.

If it’s time for your annual mammogram, schedule yours today! (407) 363-2772 (Mention code SLI3-D) or click here for more scheduling options.