Sand Lake Imaging Featured on Orlando News 6


Sand Lake Imaging and Shepard’s Hope have been featured on Channel 6 for the work they have been doing to provide Mammograms to people in need.

For the past five years, Shepherd’s Hope and Sand Lake Imaging have provided free mammograms to hundreds of uninsured or underinsured women in Central Florida.

“It’s so important not to forget about people who are having trouble, underinsured or not insured. Sand Lake Imaging gave 800 mammograms away last year.” – Dr. Lynda Frye, Sand Lake Imaging

This October was different, as the “Get a Mammogram, Give a Mammogram” initiative kicked off weeks after Hurricane Maria left behind devastation for millions of residents of Puerto Rico, including some cancer patients who were in the middle of their treatment when disaster struck.

“And we’re seeing cancer patients who may have just had treatment, or surgical, and now they’re coming over, and while they may have had insurance coverage on the island, they’re not having it transfer here to the states because it’s a particular plan,” said Marni Stahlman, president and CEO of Shepherd’s Hope.

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