Ultrasound of the Arterial System

The Arterial Doppler study is able to demonstrate blocked or reduced blood flow through the major arteries of the arms and legs.

The Arterial Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images on a monitor for the purpose of evaluating the arterial blood flow to the upper extremities (arms) and lower extremities (legs), as well as the vessels supplying the visceral/abdominal organs.


What to Expect

How is this procedure done?

You will lay face-up on an exam table, then the technician will apply a warm water-based gel to the area that will be examined. The gel helps the transducer make secure contact with the skin.

Then the tech will move the transducer back and forth until the desired images are captured.

Is this test painful?

Usually no, unless the transducer is applied to a tender area.

How to Prepare

Little to no special preparation is necessary for a vascular ultrasound. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. You may be asked to wear a gown.

Equipment Used for This Procedure

Siemens Acuson S2000 Ultrasound

The Siemens Acuson S2000 Ultrasound machine can be used for many medical purposes, most notably for OB-GYN, Abdominal, and Vascular purposes. Ultrasound machines provide real-time visualizations of the inner workings of the body by using sonar. This machine has Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Technology, which allows for much greater detail and clarity in the images it produces. Better images provide a more accurate diagnosis.