Prioritize Men’s Health this June

Visit the Men’s Health Month website and wear blue to celebrate men’s health this June.

Wear Blue Friday

The Men’s Health Network encourages people to wear blue the Friday before Father’s Day in order to raise awareness for men’s health. About 40% of men only go to the doctor when they have serious health concerns. When you wear blue on Friday, you can raise awareness to men’s preventable health problems! Wear Blue Friday is just one part of Men’s Health Month which first began in June of 1992. You can visit the Men’s Health Month website to find out how you can plan or participate in upcoming health fairs, media appearances, screenings, and other health education events throughout the month. It is important to understand your health and to continue getting regular care.

Best Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight is super important in preventing heart disease as well as various forms of cancer and stroke. Any form of exercise counts, so try to stay active whether it is a pick up basketball game or a walk around the neighborhood. Remember that a healthy weight is different for everyone. Use this chart to find a healthy weight range and speak to your physician about finding your goal weight.

Eating healthy is the other half of the pie. Choosing a balanced diet of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy options can also greatly improve your health.

Don’t Smoke and Limit Drinking

Be careful about what you are putting into your body. Use of tobacco and excessive use of alcohol greatly increase your odds of developing cancer. A BMC Public Health Study followed a group of non-smokers that drank one bottle of wine a week. They found that the weekly bottle of wine was associated with a 1% increase in lifetime cancer risk in men. To better communicate this data, they equated drinking a bottle of wine to smoking cigarettes. According to the study, the cancer risk of five cigarettes is equivalent to one bottle of wine for men.

Improve Stress Management

Constant stress weakens your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to colds and the flu. Some of the best ways to relax are to get active, laugh, see family, and listen to music.

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