MRI Prostate Imaging Now Available Near The Villages & Lady Lake!

An MRI of the prostate

Multi-Parametric MRI Prostate Imaging is the latest state of the art 3T MRI technology, and it is now available at our Lady Lake location!

It’s the latest state of the art 3T MRI technology and parameters to maximize prostate imaging and the detection of prostate cancer.

In some cases, a blood test may suggest prostate cancer but the biopsy fails to localize it. Using the most advanced 3T MRI technique, our radiological team is equipped to detect and help stage prostate cancer early, accurately, and (most often) non-invasively. This assists clinicians in guiding biopsy and planning the most effective treatment plan.

By using our 3T MRI technology the uncomfortable and poorly tolerated endorectal coil is almost never necessary!

This is the current best exam for patients undergoing surveillance of prostate carcinoma or carcinoma considered not a clinically significant disease. This procedure also helps our patients get more detailed information about their disease so, along with their physician, they can make the most informed treatment plan.

Our Lady Lake location proudly serves the communities of The Villages, Lady Lake, and Leesburg.

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