January is National Bath Safety Month

Bathroom safety can be beautiful and functional, too.

One of the most common places seniors have accidents is in the bathroom, and the month of January was declared National Bath Safety Month to bring attention to and help prevent these accidents from happening.

Most of the time, the bathroom is overlooked as a cause for concern, but many of these types of accidents can be avoided if the right precautions are taken. Below are some tips to keep bathtime safe!

  • Install non-slip strips or mats in the bottom of your bathtub
  • Have reachable safety handles for climbing in and out of the tub or shower, and by the toilet as well
  • Keep a non-slip rug or mat on the floor at the entry/exit of the shower
  • Unless they have non-slip backing, keep fluffy rugs out of walkways
  • Make sure your bathroom floor stays clean and free of spills
  • Keep a portable phone in your bathroom in case of emergencies

Your friends at Sand Lake Imaging wish you a safe January!