International Day of Families

Founded by the United Nations in 1994, International day of Families was created to celebrate the importance of both traditional and non-traditional families. Chosen to be celebrated every year on May 15th, this day also celebrates different cultures and societies around the world. International day of Families was created to inspire a world focused on unity.

Each year a different theme is chosen with a new focus with this year’s focus on “families and inclusive societies.”

“The international panel discussion will focus on the importance of ensuring equal justice to all family members, especially women. It will also address the efforts at universal birth registration and legal identity for all, especially targeting vulnerable families” (United Nations).

International Day of Families has many key focal points, from ensuring education to families around the world, helping create inclusive environments, and even to ensure the health and nutrition of your very own family.

A Few Family Friendly Activities

  • Go on a Hike or to a local park to enjoy the season with your family
  • Volunteer at a local charity or organization
  • Create a healthy and nutritious family meal together
  • Plant a family garden to teach your kids how to create, nurture, and sustain life

From the Sand Lake Imaging community family to you, we are wishing you all a happy International Day of Families. #SLICares