Every Month is Women’s Health Month

As mothers and wives, women dedicate a lot of time to taking care of and prioritizing others over themselves. While it is easy to overlook your own health, you must find time to consider the importance of your health and wellness year round, not just in May when National Women’s Month is observed. Women should celebrate themselves every month by staying active, getting screenings, and scheduling regular check-ups. After all, the best way to celebrate yourself is to take care of yourself. We have a team dedicated to women’s health who is prepared to help you on your wellness journey.

Stay Heart Healthy

Women often dedicate time to loved ones’ care rather than our own. We are much more likely to act as over the counter doctors than patients. We have the cold medicine dosage memorized and the heat pad ready for cramps. When shortness of breath, pressure or pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen, nausea, fatigue, or upper back pressure arise, we assume that it is not a sign of heart disease but instead a common cold. Contrary to popular belief, heart disease is the most common disease among women in the United States. Some of the best ways to improve heart health are eating healthy, exercising, and managing stress. Sand Lake Imaging performs heart screenings specifically for women. We are here to help you navigate the coronary calcium scorings, CT angiographies, and vascular ultrasounds while answering any questions you may have.

Health is the Mind and Body

Our mental health is heavily linked to our physical health. High levels of stress weaken our immune systems making us more susceptible to illness. Some severe mental illnesses have been linked to heart disease. Often life moves at the speed of light, or our cars, from one thing to the next. It is a true talent balancing the family’s schedule. We often put our feelings aside running to the next event. Sand Lake Imaging wants to remind you to take time for yourself.  It is vital to know when your emotions are more than you can cope with. Depression is an overwhelming feeling of despair and despondency, which affects your daily life. Depression affects each woman differently, and please remember that you are not alone with these feelings. There are many physicians who can help find the treatment that works best for you. It may be therapy, antidepressants, or even brain stimulation treatments. 

Here are some of the symptoms to look for:

  • Feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, worthlessness
  • Irritability or feelings of tension
  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Poor concentration
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feelings of lost control
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep pattern disturbances/changes
  • Appetite changes
  • Lack of energy
  • Physical aches/pains
  • Panic attacks

Healthy to the Bone

Drinking milk may make your bones strong, but joint health goes a step beyond your calcium intake. Each joint is a complex system of bones, muscles, and cartilage which allow you to jump, twist, and turn. Most prevalent in the hands, spine, hips, and knees, osteoarthritis occurs when cartilage degenerates in your joints. The symptoms typically gradually appear as loss of flexibility, tenderness to pressure, joint pain, grantion sensation, and bone spurs. Our team is here to help you stay as mobile as possible chasing after the kids and your goals. At home, you can treat your joints with exercises and in some cases weight loss. Additionally, there are prescribed medications which can help lower inflammation and relieve pain. Hydrotherapy, stretching, and physical therapy are also some great options. Here at Sand Lake Imaging, we provide a DEXA bone density test to help diagnose and determine the best treatment path for you.

Be Breast Healthy

Successful treatment is aided drastically by early detection. The five year survival rate of stage one breast cancer is nearly 100%, and the rate for stage two is approximately 93%. Clearly, it is vital to know when something is atypical in your breasts. Before discovering what is abnormal, you must know what your normal breast sensitivity and texture is throughout your menstrual cycle. The Sand Lake Imaging team cares and has put together a video and guide on breast self-examinations. We want to help you detect possible symptoms.  As every breast is different, we offer a variety of detection screenings including breast biopsies, digital mammograms, and breast MRIs.

If any of these symptoms below are present, please speak to your doctor and set up a screening with us at Sand Lake Imaging.

  • Lumps or irregular shapes
  • Thick areas
  • Skin redness
  • Pitting skin (feels like an orange peel)
  • Sores
  • Flaking skin around the nipple
  • Crust or irregular discharge of the nipple
  • Inversion of the nipple

Sand Lake Imaging cares and we will answer any questions you may have regarding more information on treatments or other conditions. Streamline and schedule your appointment with us today. We have convenient locations in Lady Lake and The Villages, Orlando at Dr. Phillips, and Maitland. Early detection saves lives!