Breast Self-Exams: Early Detection Could Save Your Life!

Have you done a self-breast exam lately?

Adult women of ALL ages should be checking themselves at least once a month.

If you’ve been lax about it, we understand! Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to check your breasts!

There are 3 best ways to check your breasts:

1. In the Mirror – Look at your breasts in the mirror, first with your arms at your sides, then high above your head. Look for any changes in contour, any swelling, dimpling of the skin, or changes to the nipples. Then, put your hands on your hips and flex your chest muscles like Wonder Woman, examining for the same changes.

2. In the Shower – With the pads of your fingers, feel around your breast in a circular motion. Be sure to check the entire breast and armpit area. Feel for any lumps, thickening, or a hardened knot.

3. Lying Down –  Put a pillow under your right shoulder and raise your right arm above your head. Use light, medium, and firm pressures as you move your fingers in small circular motions, covering the entire breast and armpit area. Squeeze the nipple, check for lumps and discharge, then repeat these steps for your left breast.

Use a variety of motions and pressures. This will help make sure that you are examining your breasts thoroughly.

Alert your medical professional if you feel anything out of the ordinary, and be sure to schedule your yearly mammogram (if over age 40).

Want printable self-exam instructions? Here’s a quick and handy guide from the Susan G. Komen Foundation about how to check your breasts!

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Early detection is key to cancer treatment, and greatly increases chances of survival. If you’re at a higher risk (family history, lifestyle factors, etc.), talk to your doctor about what type of testing is right for you.

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