A Letter To The Community From Our Radiologists

To All Patients in Central Florida:

Dr. Bravo and Dr. Posniak

At Sand Lake Imaging, we know that the COVID-19 pandemic has been, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, quite disruptive to all of our lives.

We know that the great majority of symptomatic patients are going to be presenting to hospital emergency rooms and that these patients are going to be imaged in the hospital imaging facilities.

Not only are we the best in class at imaging in Central Florida, but we are now able to offer you a much safer alternative to any imaging performed in hospital facilities. We have initiated best in class safety policies to ensure that if you need imaging and come to Sand Lake Imaging the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is as low as medically possible.

The safety of all of our patients and staff is of the utmost concern at Sand Lake Imaging. Rest assured that you will continue to get the high-quality delivery of healthcare services at Sand Lake Imaging that you are accustomed to while at the same time remaining much safer than any hospital facility imaging department.

The COVID-19 pandemic does not negate your need for imaging. We stand ready to serve you at Sand Lake Imaging’s three facilities with all of our imaging modalities. Please call us with all of your needs at 407-363-2772. We are here to support you.

Stephen M. Bravo, MD

Robert Posniak MD