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Nuchal Translucerency NT Screening

A new, non-invasive test provided at only a few centers nationwide performed early in pregnancy to identify down syndrome in a young fetus for patients at a higher risk.

For Patients

About Your Visit & Preparation - How do I prep for my test?


  • Do not wear lotion, perfume, deodorant, or powder in the breast or underarm area the day of exam. If new patient, bring previous mammogram films and report.
  • Do not schedule one week before menstrual period.

Preparation for Biopsy:

  • No aspirin or “blood thinner” one week prior to biopsy.
  • Please consult your physician prior to discontinuing medications.

Abdomen Ultrasound:

  • Nothing to eat, drink or smoke 6 hours prior to appointment time.

OB Less than 14 weeks and Pelvic Ultrasound:

  • Drink 32 oz. of water, finishing 30 min prior to exam.
  • Arrive with a very full bladder. Do not urinate.
  • Pelvic ultrasound should not be scheduled during menstruation.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

  • If you have a pacemaker, metallic implant, previous brain surgery, or have had metal fragments in your eyes, or known allergies to Gadolinium; please call Sand Lake Imaging prior to appointment time.
  • Creatinine/BUN required for MRI within 45 days if 60 or older, renal insufficient, diabetic or hypertensive.
  • Sand Lake Imaging will instruct you if preparation is necessary.

CT (CT/with Contrast):

  • Please call Sand Lake Imaging if you are diabetic or are known to have allergies
  • In some instances, a preparation is required. You will be told at the time you make your appointment.
  • Sand Lake Imaging will instruct you if a preparation is necessary.
  • Creatinine/BUN required for CT within 90 days if 60 or older, renal insufficient, diabetic or hypertensive.


  • Do not eat or drink anything for 4 hours prior to your exam, except water.
  • Avoid strenuous activity and caffeine 24 hours in advance of your study.
  • Bring previous CT and /or MRI CD to appointment.


  • Patients should not be scheduled within two weeks of any diagnostic or CT exam utilizing Barium or any nuclear medicine exam.
  • HSG - Hysterosalpingogram / Hysterosalpingography
  • Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to exam.
  • Should be scheduled 7-10 days from the start of menstruation.

For any questions relating to your preparation for your appointment please call 407-363-2772 Press 6 (4 for Spanish).
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Sedation for Adults and Children:

  • Children: nothing to eat or drink after midnight
  • Adults: nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to the exam.

Secure Patient Medical Web Office (Patient Portal)

How to schedule an appointment?

Call (407) 363-2772 and press 6 (4 for Spanish). Or you can click on the Appointment & Contact Icon below and submit your appointment request online through our secure patient portal.

Mobile users can click the buttons below or scan the QR code to the right >>

Please have your insurance information and Doctors orders ready.

We have provided you with this online secure patient center to help us and you be more efficient in making an appointment, completing office forms, requesting imaging studies, asking our staff questions, referring patients, paying your bill online, submiting testimonials, and completing our office survey.

If you prefer to download, print and complete the forms, click on the downloadable options below:

Downloadable Patient Forms

Patient Information Form
Patient Medical Authorization to Release Medical Records
Bone Density Questionnaire
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
Breast History Form
CT/MRI Brain Questionnaire
MRI Brain Questionnaire
Thyroid Ultrasound Questionnaire
Assignment of Benefits
Ionizing Radiation Questionnaire
Self Breast Exam

HIPAA Privacy Statement

This notice describes the privacy practices of Sand Lake Imaging. This notice provides how patient information may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.

Thyroid Ultrasound Packet:

Thyroid Ultrasound / chest x-ray
Assignment of Benefits

X-ray packet:

Thyroid Ultrasound/ chest x-ray
Assignment of Benefits

Colonoscopy Packet:

Assignment of Benefits

PET Scan:

PET Form
Assignment of Benefits


Patient Information
Breast History Form
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool
Assignment of Benefits
Release of Confidential information

Dexa Scan:

Bone Density
Assignment of Benefits

General MRI or CT:

Patient Information
Assignment of Benefits
CT of Brain or MRI of the Brain
Pediatric MRI Sedation - Pre-Procedure Responsibility Form - Information for Parents


Breast History
Breast cancer risk assessment tool
Assignment of Benefits
Release of Confidential information

Comments and Patient Survey

Click on the icon to enter our secure medical web office to complete and submit our office survey

How do I order my images?

All Image request require a 24 hour notice for processing. To order your images please call our office 407-363-2772 and press 1128.

Have the following information available:

  • For what exam are you requesting images
  • Will you require CD or Film
  • Where/Who will you be taking the Films/CD
  • When will you be picking up your order and at which location

Please note that if someone other than yourself is picking up your images, we must have a signed release from you authorizing the person to pick up your images. They must have a photo ID at the time of pick up.

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